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Monteverde, Costa Rica is a small community in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, located in the Cordillera de Tilarán.

Roughly a four-hour drive from the Central Valley, Monteverde is considered a major ecotourism destination in Costa Rica.

Mendenhall noted that the soil was fertile and the people were friendly as well.

In the first three decades of the 20th century, Creole populations arrived in small numbers to what is now called Monteverde.

Many were employed by, or provided services to the employees of, the Guacimal gold mines.

The Quakers stewarded and farmed a large tract of land, which they eventually set aside for conservation.

This reserve, which was named the Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde (Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve), has become a major tourist attraction.

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