Accommodating cognitively disabled lawyers

Public policy to increase employment in the community alongside people without disabilities and earn competitive wages must address these barriers in a number of key areas.

These include promoting best practices, school-to-work transition, training and supports (for both people with I/DD and staff of employment and school-to-work programs), and employment training and service systems enhancements including adoption of “Employment First” approaches.

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We owe a significant debt to Dale Jamieson and Robert Elliot, as well as Cheshire Calhoun, Stephen Campbell, Sari Kisilevsky, Rob Mac Dougall, Collin O'Neil, Regina Rini, and an anonymous referee for this journal for their encouragement and incisive comments on earlier drafts of this paper.This paper argues that contemporary philosophical literature on meaning in life has important implications for the debate about our obligations to non-human animals.If animal lives can be meaningful, then practices including factory farming and animal research might be morally worse than ethicists have thought.Second, in some cases presented for mediation - whether or not the case arises under the ADA or Rehabilitation Act - parties or their representatives may request a reasonable accommodation for the mediation process itself.This technical assistance document addresses frequently asked questions regarding the ADA and mediation.

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