Any other games like dating ariane

Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements.

The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

I really love the dating and marriage aspects of these games.

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I found the dancing part of the game kind of a fun addition to the dating sim game, though.

Well there are tons of dating-type of visual novels, but if you're looking for more RPG-style games, then I don't know many at all besides what you mentioned. I haven't tried it, but I heard there's some kind of friendship/love system in it or something.

The graphics are really cute in my opinion, but I don't have the console for it.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any other games that I might have missed that have a similar dating aspect to them.

It's late here so I might not see any responses till the morning so thank you in advance if anyone has any suggestion.

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