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Because she had come to Foxworth Hall at such a young age, her grandmother's mental abuse made a deeper impact on Carrie than it did Cathy and Chris, who had more memories of their happy home life before their father died.

Her desperation to be loved in spite of her small size, left Carrie vulnerable to her brother-in-law, Julian Marquet's abuse and she tells Cathy that Julian never made her feel ashamed of her smallness and that she loved him.

Cory's death, the traumas she and her siblings suffered and the bullying she endured because of her small size left Carrie psychologically scarred for the rest of her life, though she managed to hide much of it from her family until the end of her life.

While living in Virginia, Carrie begins a relationship with a young man named Alex.

Cathy encourages the relationship, and Alex and Carrie are very happy together, until Alex reveals that he wants to becomes a minister.

Olivia Winfield Like her brother, Cory, Carrie spent most of her time in Foxworth Hall afraid of their grandmother after Olivia harms Carrie for being too loud.

Olivia's assertions that Carrie and her siblings are 'Devil's Spawn' has more lasting impact on Carrie mentally since she was a young child when they were brought to Foxworth Hall and it would haunt her the rest of her life. Little is shown of Carrie's relationship with her father, as she was only four when he died.

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