Ati guide plus not updating

I also found the Intel W3680 3.33Ghz CPU, but it was about 0 more.

I decided that was not worth it for the small clock speed increase over the W3670, so I ordered the W3670 along with a few extra things I’d need to do the upgrade: You’ll probably want some compressed air as well.

I’m the proud owner of a 2009 Mac Pro, which I’ve owned since 2010.

I’ve owned this Mac longer than any other prior Mac which might explain why Apple does not make Macs that are easily upgradable any longer; they get fewer sales of new hardware.

Overall, there is space for four 3.5" (or 2.5" drives with adapters) in the drive bays.

Add the 2nd optical drive slot, plus 3 empty PCI card slots and this Mac Pro can hold a total of 8 drives, all of which are inside the case!

It’s also a Westmere 32nm CPU rather than an older Nehalem 45nm CPU.

I felt the W3670 provided the best bang for my buck, but other CPUs seem to have even better performance if you want to spend more: It seems like the W3680/X5680 would likely be the next best bang for your buck option at about 0 more than the W3670 with 5% faster single-core and 9% faster multi-core.It didn’t take much searching to find out that even a CPU upgrade is pretty easy to do!It is also possible to upgrade my single-CPU system to a dual-CPU configuration, but that requires an all-new daughter board, which greatly increased the cost enough to make it impractical.The only difference is those newer models have a newer firmware that supports even better processors and allows for sound over Display Port to HDMI (not relevant to me).More research uncovered that it is actually possible to update the 2009 Mac Pro firmware to the one used by the 2010/2012 Mac Pros.

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