Brasileira dating

Remember that these are only what is most commonly done, and not necessarily a rule.

There are boyfriends and girlfriends who don't wear rings, as well as married couples who also don't bother to wear it. There are some couples that like to wear rings when they are dating.

In this article we will explain a bit more about the Brazilian habits in this subject.

Wedding bands have been worn since ancient Greece to symbolize the union and love of a couple.

For being such a new habit among couples, there are no “rules” about when this type of ring should be given.

Some couples start wearing rings in the first month of dating, others in the sixth, and others still after two years.

There are three anniversaries which are celebrated in a very special way: the silver anniversary, the gold anniversary and the diamond anniversary – which correspond, respectively, to 25, 50 and 60 years of marriage.

These rings may be worn again after marriage too, or substituted by wedding bands.

The only difference is that, in the case of Brazil, they are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

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