Capital one consolidating credit card debt

Unfortunately, we all have to graduate eventually, and I quickly learned that my education wasn’t quite as useful in the real world as I hoped.

It turns out that everyday life has few opportunities to use kinetic energy equations — and a lot of times you need to know about credit and budgeting. Due to my lack of a credit history, the APR on that card was so high it was nearly in orbit.

Even a 5% fee is still significantly less than the average credit card APR, so there’s still plenty of savings to be had.

A common hurdle faced by consumers looking to make a balance transfer is not receiving a high enough limit on the target balance transfer card to accommodate their entire balance.

Be sure to pay off your balance before your promotional period ends to ensure you aren’t stuck with interest charges.

Once your intro terms expire, the remainder of your transferred balance will be subject to the default balance transfer rate, which is generally the same as (or higher than) the APR charged for new purchases.

If you wish to transfer to an existing card, you’ll need to contact the issuer of the card you wish to make the transfer to. For those who qualify, the best way to maximize the savings of a balance transfer is often to apply for one of the many balance transfer credit cards that come with an introductory APR offer.

The best balance transfer cards have intro APR offers that provide a 0% interest rate on balance transfers for 12 months or more, with some introductory periods extending for up to 21 months.

As far as I was concerned, if it wouldn’t help me do well on my next thermodynamics exam, I didn’t have time to think about it.This can be done with balance transfers that are initiated at the time you apply for a new card, or with balance transfers you make to an existing card.While a partial balance transfer is obviously not as ideal as transferring your full balance, since the portion that remains on your old card will continue to be charged interest, it can still be worthwhile.While that would have been fine if I’d avoided carrying a balance, not keeping a proper budget meant I almost always had a balance.But if I lacked other important knowledge, I was at least wise enough to make my minimum payment by the due date each month.

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