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As a result of political unrest, the city was named in 1996 as one of the most dangerous in the world.Archaeological studies in and around Bangui have yielded at least 26 ancient Iron Age sites that contain many metallurgical tools and objects, illuminating the pre-European history of the city and surrounding area.Its dating, compared with similar sites in Nigeria and Sudan, could be close to the 9th century BC.Bangui was founded by Albert Dolisie and Alfred Uzac on 26 June 1889, in what was then the upper reaches of the French Congo, the present-day Congo (Brazzaville).

Bangui has been the scene of intense rebel activity and destruction during decades of political upheaval, including the recent rebellion.

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After returning voluntarily to Bangui in the autumn of 1986, His successor was General André Kolingba, army chief of staff of Decko’s army, who took over control from the local French military on 1 September 1981 under the pretext that the country was heading towards civil war.

Although he attempted to combat corruption and control the national economy, he was unable to achieve his reforms.

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