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Pamatujte prosím na to, že nová videa projdou naším procesem kontroly a jejich schválení by mohlo trvat až několik hodin.Obdržíte email s upozorněním, že změny byly aktivovány. The author himself has never been to Burma (Myanmar). The dictionary is without copyright and it can be edited by anybody. o^o S: ojpoo op'o Sop' §gcooo Sgcoo£ c[cp G^coo op'o Soo oooc^ojps Sogos GOXKpcoi^you: (If) she is speaking even like this to you, (then) why would you ("want-to") come to (her)? op'o S: ojppp'o Sap i^syoscoosxpsdj) co£6)coo Sii;oneself: He thinks he is the richest. o^o S(co o Sc^£oop6^£cooco^6)coo Sii;oneself (themselves): In the present life there are also (things) that men cannot do themselves. o^o Sgco6o5ooo: coo^gco6o^ o oqcx Jfejp oo o Scoocoo;oneself;sam;adv. op'o Scoocoo: co|g Dsojp Gogo^ cofi Goscoooocgr^ o^o Saooo30Gcocoo G^coo Sii;oneself: Apart from teaching other people, (he) is studying himself (as well).;sam: Krome toho, ze uci ostatni lidi, (take) se uci sam.;col. so Ss;difficult, be ("(be) difficult (and) hard") ° uneasy, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ° difficult, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ° complicated, byt ("(be) difficult (and) hard") ° arduous, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ;tezky, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° narocny, byt (obtizny, "byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° slozity, byt ("(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° obtizny, byt ("byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° tezky, byt (obtizny, "byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° nesnadny, byt ("byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° nesnadny, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° narocny, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky");l so Sd: so Sdog S [^i Solcoo Sii difficult, be: (It) will be ( ~ become) difficult. o£cpso^;you, to ° you (acc.);tobe ° tebe ° vampron. o^opsps^s Goqpcs(co6Goqpcs);church ("monastery 3 (where) Christian Lord 1 (is) worshipped 2 ") ;kostel ("klaster 3 (kde je) uctivan 2 Pan 1 kfest'anu°");sg. No ancestor of the author has ever visited Myanmar (Burma). pan ("ohromne 1 telo ") ° mnich ("ohromne 1 telo°");sg. ;narocny: Protoze neumim anglicky, vysvetlovani bude narocne.;fut. ;kostel: Mnoho lidi jde ( ~ "stoupa") do kostela.; 3G|Scx! Though most of the users may not understand the Czech part of the terms herein, I decided not to remove it, as it may happen, that certain Czech people may have the intention of studying this magnificent language, and secondly, because certain Burmese students (who stay in Czech Republic) may like to use the dictionary to help them in studying Czech language. aj o5^©'[cp ooj^sooojoscooo Igoii satisfied ("rich"): May both of your body (and) mind be healthy and satisfied. The special aspect of this dictionary is not only, that it is trilingual (and includes third language, Czech), but especially the fact, that it tries to be helpful mainly for students. s|ji S|^o5;love, be in ("love (and) like");zamilovany, byt ("milovat (a) mit-rad"); T syi S^o S: 33t|[so30s^£ 33t|[scooso^ a i |£|o^o5G$[oqooo Sii ;love, be in: The man and woman are in love.;zamilovany, byt: (Ten) muz a (ta) zena jsou zamilovani.;cont. "Vocabulary" terms are mostly simple translation of particular words with their grammatical specification at the end. syoscoo: So^yp S^o S^ o^Sscog ^ooosgooo S [y£o0O^£s G|£s CO0S330SOps So£s GJo3 33O000 syoscooco 330oop G^[o^61ooo Sii;rich: Although these states and divisions are divided, all Myanmar nations, including poor and rich, live together.;bohati: Pfestoze jsou tyto staty a spravni oblasti (regiony) rozdeleny, vsechny narodnosti Myanmaru, vcetne chudych i bohatych, ziji pospolu.;col. syoscoo[ajo So;rich, be very ("riches exceed (and) wealthy (and) fat");bohaty, byt velice ("bohatstvi pfesahuje (a) je-bohaty (a) tlusty");l syoscoo[ajo So : o§p Ssgoo33t=)ps|^s syoscoo[ojo Soo3c QGOo 31 coo So^33aoo S^]6G^o^6aoros^ox)o^ cl [y£dooo Sii;rich, very: I saw how very rich people, who (have) many things live (their) life.;bohaty, velice: Videl jsem, jak velice bohati lide, ktefi (maji) mnoho veci, ziji (svuj) zivot.;p.s. There are two kinds of terms: "vocabulary" and "examples". syo S: Gso SGo T^sfp SGo TG^Iy^navel: With modernity, the navel shows up.;pupek: S moderni modou se ukazuje (i) pupek.;jk. syo S: § 33coscoo^ £jjo S^ o 33^ooo Sgcooo S|o^)61coc5ii ;cook: How long time does it take to cook this food? ;spokojeny ("bohaty"): Kez jsou oboje, tve telo (i) mysl zdrave a spokojene.;w. syoscoo: sy6scoo6)G©ii;wealthy: may you be wealthy;bohaty: kez jsi bohaty;w.

Accordingly, the dictionary term may look like this: ex: oo S£o§s(oo(S^);brush. o^o S;l (if you is mentioned in the sentence) ° you (if he (or) she is mentioned in the sentence) ;ty (pokud on nebo ona je zmineno ve vete) ° ja (pokud ty je zmineno ve vete) pron. ;konce, byt zcela u: Jeden den je uz zcela u konce.;col. Pan Nanda, ktery dokaze vzit zodpovednost (a) vykonat (ji) k prospechu mnohych.; Gooo£oo Goos: gooo£oogcos GG|oosdcop Sn;boy, little: Little boy was swimming. Gooo£oo Gcos(ooo Gooooo);boy, little;chlapec, maly;sg. gooo£sgooo£s: Gooo£s Gooo£s33so£G[yolooo Sii;quite ( ~ "well am quite ( ~ "well") satisfied. ;cestovat: Vskutku, moc (ti) pfeji, aby (tva) cesta (kterou) cestujes byla hladka.;w. 3^s(oooscs(oo)[c3©oo Sii;luggage: This luggage looks like Thai.;zavazadlo: Toto zavazadlo se zda byt Thajske.; 3§[SGSxx)£Gcog)o(ooi Sops);luggage ("box 2 (to be) carried 1 (on) trips ") ;zavazadlo ("bedna 2 (k) noseni 1 (na) vyletech ") ;sg. Author is neither of Burmese, nor of English nationality. ;stfedni skola: Zalozili ( ~ "postavili") narodni stfedni skolu (a) narodni (zakladni) skoly.;writ. ;narocny: Podle toho, co fika, tato kniha neni narocna. qo S: 33oc8oc^a Sii;difficult: Because (I) can't (talk) in English, explaining will be difficult. ;znamenity: Kdyz (budes) poslouchat kazdy den, jak (to zacnes) znat velice dobfe, stane se (tve) mluveni znamenitejsim, myslim si. 3G|£s(co6GCO'5c=|ps C=|ps 33 3G|6ox)^opsps^s Goqp£sooo Sooo Sii;church: Many people come ( ~ "ascend") to church. The dictionary certainly still contains many mistakes and overall there are many deficiencies. ;kavy: Sype (si) cukr do kavy.; Goooc So;college;stfedni skola;n. college GOOOc So: 33fejj[SCOOSGOOOOo6^£ 33t|[SO30SGOqp£sfe Jps0^ oop SGCco6[oq61oop Sii;college: They founded ( ~ "built") national college (a) national (primary) schools. goo Sgoo: opooc^c ooocqjooip Goo5GC50^ooo Sii;carpet: Immediately at the bed, (there is) carpet.;koberec: Bezprostfedne u postele je koberec; Goo5Goo(coi S£jjo);carpet;koberec;sg. ;narocny: Tato kniha je pfilis narocna.; qo S: ojp c|y3ao Gcv Doo S §co3po oso Solojpsn ^difficult: According to what he says, this book is not difficult. occpso^: occpso^ og^Gcooo^ safe [^G^olcoo Sii ;you (ace.): We always welcome you.;tebe: Vzdycky jsi vitan. qoos^: ooo S33[oqos§ o8[g£s Qcoss|o3n;feel: Sir, how do you feel? ;vyvracet (nazor druheho): On bude take vyvracet (nazor protivnika v debate) pfesne po deset minut.;pol. Gsyso^borrow (money, "borrow (and) take") pujcit (si penize, "pujcit-si (a) vzit"); T GS[p£s;num. pfijemny: Kez je tve meditovani uspokojive (a) pfijemne.;w. GSjpc^: Gfp Q ^osgooo£g|£s^oss|^ocooo533q1 ooxis G[yo y[ys GSjp G^coooo Sc^ oocolooo Sii excellent: While (you) listen every day, as (you) get to know (it) very well, (your) speaking will become more excellent, I think. Most of the countable words are given their appropriate "numerical classifier" (ooapoopos) in brackets. Professional correction of these and other mistakes would be appreciated.) Especially colloquial language is included. o5 [ge.];now ("well, then") ° well, then ° alright, then ° indicates suggestion to change a topic or start something ;znaci navrh zmenit tema nebo neco zacit ° ted' ("dobfe, tedy") ° dobfe, tedy;col. ;starat se o: Kvuli velkemu nepfiteli, Koun Baun se staral o mesto Sve Bo peti jmen, a znicil nebezpeci.;sng. ;chvilicku, na: Na chvilicku (se) rozsvicuje ( ~ "zapina").; oon: onnccos G^.£n;moment: (Wait) a moment, ok? ;znovu a znovu: Znovu a znovu ("snim") sny.; snn GSjpcs^^peep ("peep 1 (and) look 2 (for a) moment ") pakouknout (CZ col., "nahlednout 1 (a) podivat-se 2 (na) chvilicku ") ° nahlednout ("nahlednout 1 (a) podivat-se 2 (na) chvilicku ") ; T srnoj [khanayujporrow (for a while, "take 1 (for a) while ") pujeit si (na chvilku, "vzit-si 1 (na) chvilku°"); T onnccos: snn Gcos o Ssool G^Sn;while, a short: Be patient for a while, ok? £jj|o;control ° sew ° bind (a book etc.);vazat (knihu atd.) ° sit ° ovladat; T sy[6: oooloo GJ 33oo53300SGOg0^ ofts Gffi^ q

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