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Producers of TV, movies, and music long ago discerned that portraying sexual fidelity and self-control as necessary or even valuable doesn’t pay.

The more they mock and pervert these ideals, the higher their ratings and their cash flow.

Bronfenbrenner, a father of five who was married for sixty-three years, argued that human beings develop within a nested set of relational systems that span psychological, cultural, economic, social, and political spheres.

According to Bronfenbrenner, interaction within and between these systems over the lifespan matters most in producing competent, well-adjusted individuals, and thus healthy, moral societies. His model identifies extrinsic factors and people of influence—and their interaction with one another—at four different levels of an individual’s environment.

Given the increasing demand for marital counseling, this is a research question that merits immediate attention.

Of particular concern is the fact that more married couples are coming to therapists to treat pornography addiction, an epidemic that many therapists report they are unprepared to treat.

These relationships were of primary concern to Bronfenbrenner.

These developments in media continue to influence the marriage views and sexual behaviors of younger generations for the worse.What seems indisputable is that the entire family law system serves to undermine fidelity to the marriage vow.It does so directly by facilitating the destruction of marriages for any reason or no reason at all (and regardless of a spouse who remains committed).They include, among other factors, the number of divorced family friends or neighbors in one’s surroundings, the glamorization of sexual promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, homosexuality, and cohabitation in the media, and an ever-growing internet pornography industry.Finally, widespread cultural attitudes, ideologies, and laws characterize the outermost layer of the model (the macrosystem).

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