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It just shows how important that person is to them. If you’re looking for a secret decoder ring like the ones you used to find in cereal boxes, it doesn’t exist. Current mottos are “I don’t care” and “I’ll try almost anything once”.

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He’s not going to like everything you’re into and you may not like everything he’s into, but you’d be surprised when you watch anime you wouldn’t have otherwise watched.

If you want to date an otaku boy, sometimes you have to learn to just shut up. There are times when he may want to watch an anime without having someone chiming in about every little detail, or listen to a vocaloid song without having to explain why that particular vocaloid is so great. Just respect an otaku boy’s wish for peace and quiet. An otaku boy, himself, may not even want to talk at all. It can be a sign of comfort in a relationship, so be a bit more self aware and realize when an otaku boy wants to be left alone. The world of dating can be more chaotic as traffic in a third world country, and just as scary, so please be sure to share any advice you may have! Currently living life to the fullest, pursuing my happiness, and conquering my fears.

Maybe he just does not want to hear the 100 reasons why you hate his favorite series. Even you’ll have moments when you want to be alone. Of course, not all otaku boys are the same as mention in the first point of this article.

Ah yes, let us delve into the complicated mind of the male psyche, a mysterious world that women spend a lifetime trying to decode. Why over complicate your relationship by looking for encoded messages that are nonexistent?

It can be as complicated as reading hieroglyphics mixed with Traditional Chinese characters, right? You know all that time you spend trying to figure guys out? Dating a boy, especially an otaku boy, is much more straightforward than you think. Spend that time on something else because we’re going to help you out with our 5 ways to date an otaku boy!

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