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The arrival of Allied forces in 1944 was followed by the Battle of the Bulge, which would decide the war's outcome.Belgium rebuilt its war-torn country, became a founding member of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and by the 1960s was enjoying a prosperous economy.And it is known that his secretary, Isaac de Rasiers, was a Walloon. Bayer, in his book The Belgians, First Settlers in New York and in the Middle States, discussed Belgian settlements at Wallabout, Long Island, and Staten Island, as well as in Hoboken, Jersey City, Pavonia, Communipaw, and Wallkill, New Jersey.

Belgium's political system is that of a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch having limited powers.The land was then inhabited by independent tribes of Celtic origin.Julius Caesar's account of his efforts to subdue the area gives us the first written record of what came to be called Belgium.Translating his own name, Pauw (which in Flemish and Dutch means "peacock") into Latin, he got "Pavonia." Wallkill is the Dutch word for "Walloon's Stream." Elsewhere, the Walloomsac River in Vermont derives its name from the Walloons who settled on the east branch of the Hoosac River in New York.Belgian settlements were also established during the seventeenth century in Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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