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If it were a human, it’d be the type of guy who would fix my broken sink and play football in the backyard on Thanksgiving. Lots of women find Franklin Gothic to be a total dreamboat.” “Some proof: When graphic designer Sarah Hyndman asked women to choose between dating nine fonts including Franklin Gothic, Futura Light, Helvetica, and Arial bolded round, 20 percent of women said they’d pick Franklin Gothic as their typographic beau, the winner by a landslide. Hyndman’s dating question is part of Tasting Type, a series of online experiments she’s been performing to gather data on how typography impacts human perception.” Read the full article… Sarah Hyndman’s Type Tasting games question our responses to fonts.

If Futura Extra Bold was a person, what would they be like? Last weekend, she brought a pop-up version of her workshop to the V&A.

Whipped Cream was used as the main theme song, and The Spanish Flea was the 'bachelor' music. v=glance Found something else: THE DATING GAME (1978-80)-Chuck Barris Main theme Closing theme ("Little Rosie") THE DATING GAME CUES (1968-74)-Herb Alpert: Bachelorette intro music ("Whipped Cream") Bachelor intro music ("Spanish Flea") Date intro music ("Lollipops and Roses")"Ask Fun Trivia" strives to offer the best answers possible to trivia questions.

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Type Dating Game live Hosted by Sarah Hyndman Apologies, the Valentine’s event has been postponed, a new date will be announced soon.Join us for an evening of typographic speed dating—will the fonts you choose help you find your real life Valentine?Come along prepared for a few rounds of flirtatious mischief with potential Valentine’s dates as you decide which one is just your type.By Liz Stinson I was the guest host for the Design Museum’s #Font Sunday on Twitter yesterday which was an amazing experience.I picked the Type Dating Game inspired theme of ‘Fanciable Fonts’ and you all tweeted in your photos of the typefaces you would date (or ditch), along with witty observations and a bad typographic chatup line or two. I certainly wouldn’t kick @Dalton Maag’s King Caslon out of bed—this ampersand is pure delight!

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