Dating girls mozambique

It's a beautiful moonlit night in Barra, Mozambique.

I'm walking down the beach with George, a local from the area.

She began to learn that students' grades had nothing to do with merit, but was instead about who their family members were, if the child's family had paid the teachers, or if the girls were girlfriends of the teachers.

Intelligent students were failing and children who were not good students were passing with flying colours.

An American teacher who prefers not to be named worked for two years in Namuno, Cabo Delgado at Secondary School, Santa Maria de Namuno.

What will this mean for a schoolgirl with dreams of being a doctor?

Must she be forced to compromise between prostituting herself or just simply missing out on an education?

'They don't even try to hide it.' She saw students as young as 13 being harassed by teachers. The teachers would blame the students were provoking them for their clothes and would directly call girls sluts, she told me.

'The male teachers would work together and if one female student wouldn't sleep with a teacher the other male teachers would gang up on her and all give her bad grades.' Rita a 15-year-old schoolgirl in Barra beach who was attending Escola Secondaria Conguiana confirms teachers are asking children for sex.

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