Dating loop hole

A common mistake that most men make is to ask for a woman’s phone number – if you’re an expert in female loophole seduction tactics then you’ll ask for a date instead.

You see, most women will expect you to try to get their digits first, but by asking her for an “instant date” you’ll short-circuit her psyche… Also remember that it takes a higher commitment from a woman to want to go out with you – and if you’ve done this then it’s far likelier that she will sleep with you later that night.

Do a Google on “Fractionation”, and then do something about the stuff you learn there.

To save you from the work, click on this link below for a video on Fractionation:- to harm women with this knowledge.

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Now, in order to successfully ask for a date, you’ll need to first build emotional connection (or rapport) with the woman.The best way to do this is to use this technique called Fractionation. This is an “underground” technique which enables any man to create intense emotional rapport with any woman by going through a succession of techniques.When used correctly, it gets a woman to feel emotionally “hooked” on you. The Female Loophole techniques work extremely fast – and this is the difference from other types of seduction tactics and concepts which often take months or even years to master (inner game, hypnosis, etc).If you always keep her guessing on your intentions, then she will inevitably be attracted to you.If you’re a student of psychology, you’ll know that this is what experts term as the Ziegarnik Loop – it’s something that keeps us at the edge of our seat when we watch a thrilling movie.

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