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Different customs, ideas and symbols were adopted, and old customs, ideas and symbols were interpreted in new, different ways.As a result the New Testament writers, too, are different, and sometimes separatistic as well.It also rejected the literature that promoted such ideas. In the study of early Christian literature outside the New Testament the term 'New Testament Apocrypha' is used.This means a mixed group of writings which have survived in a variety of ways and which only modern scholarship has attempted to include under a common heading.It is usually very difficult to ascertain the age and origin of these texts.Some of them may, however, derive from the end of the first century and a great number from the second century. This diversity also appears within the New Testament.

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The oldest known fragment of the New Testament is from the first half of the 2nd century, a copy of a passage from John's Gospel.

The material of most manuscripts is parchment stretched and smoothed from leather.

The oldest parchment manuscripts are written on large-size in majuscule or uncial letters.

The holy book of the first Christians was the collection of Jewish writings that Christians call the Old Testament.

In particular the Greek translation of the Old Testament - the Septuagint - achieved a strong position among Christians.

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