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When a dog’s life relies on the owner, you can expect your dog lover to be less selfish than most. Experienced with messes Taking a walk toting a poop bag proves dog owners can deal with messy things.

If they can handle that, your baggage probably isn’t too big of a deal.

They're responsible and in the habit of keeping dates. Labor free pet You get to have a dog without having to put any work into training.

Dogs aren’t cheap either, so you know your potential date is working. Self-importance takes the back seat If only because nobody ever wants to come home to a house full of pee and ripped open garbage bags, the dog comes first. They can be clumsy, aggressive, smelly and destructive.

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Much like the expression of true love, a dog person’s adoration for their pooch cannot be accurately scribed, and that’s either because it’s to embarrassing to describe, or it’s too genuine to be put into a phrase.

They may say dogs are man's best friend, but the truth of the matter is, gender doesn’t register to a pet; nor does your appearance, your past, or that passive aggressive status you just posted on Facebook suggesting your best friend slept with your partner.

The best thing about being a dog lover is that the canine companion in your life will love you unconditionally, no matter what.

And that includes whether the potential mate has an affinity for dogs.

Dig, the dog person’s dating app, launched this week in the New York metro area, and already more than 1,000 people have downloaded the app.

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