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The little “prom date” that we had dreamed up was a couple weeks ago and I had not updated her as to the results. She brought with her a bottle of one of those flavored vodkas, some kind of berry flavor. Now I know why everything was flying over the fence, and all the giggling I was hearing before. I asked Julie “So these are all the girls from camp?

These girls had been drinking for a while before I showed up. Sara asked what we were talking about, and Julie proceeded to tell her the whole story. ” “Yep” she replied “And they all know the whole story of…” I continued “Yep” she replied again “Well I guess we aint keeping that a secret anymore are we? Julie said “Don’t worry they all thought it was an amazing story, they all wished it was like that for their first times. In the meantime Sara was reminding the other girls of Julies story, and telling them that I had also fucked Alex, who none of the rest of them knew fortunately. Julie said “look who’s talking, EVERYONE expects YOU to be taller” and they all cracked up laughing.

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Junior cheerleaders did not associate with sophomore anything. The truth is that Julie and I are actually the same age, only separated by a few months.I turned on the music, lied back on the lounge chair and closed my eyes. I’d never seen her wear anything like that before but wow did she wear it well. She was a sarcastic quick witted little blonde who always had this evil little twinkle in her eye.A short while later, I hear the back gate opening and look up to see Julie running into my yard. Sara was short, probably about 5 foot even, but very pretty.We have no control over the content of these pages.We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to.

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