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But, then, of course, there's the key section on "technology" and innovation.At first he tries to play up all of the "innovation," but again, leaves out how many of these "innovations" wouldn't actually exist if the MPAA had its way in the past: Because movies matter—to more people, in more places, who want to watch them at more times, across multiple platforms—the film and television industry is continuously innovating to meet that demand.At that event, we will get our first, official, look at the consumer features coming with the new OS.Ever since the failure of SOPA, MPAA boss Chris Dodd has been making the rounds, giving the same damn stump speech over and over again.That the industry was dragged, kicking and screaming, to support many of these things is sort of left out.Also, the fact that the industry has worked ridiculously hard at crippling many of these services, making them way too expensive and annoying (how many services require you to watch a video within 24 hours, because, apparently, no one in the MPAA has kids and recognizes you might want to start a film one night and finish it the next? There is one thing we agree on: These innovations are great for consumers.Today movies and TV shows can be viewed in theaters, on the big screen, or at home on TV screens, laptops, i Pads, Kindles and smart phones.There are more than 375 unique licensed online distribution services around the world that provide high-quality, on demand film and television shows, offering the easiest, fastest, safest, highest quality product and viewing experience possible.

Fortunately, Silicon Valley and Hollywood are making some progress on this front.We must strike a balance between the desire for a free and open internet and the protection of intellectual property. Focus on providing more legitimate services with better service, more convenience and reasonable pricing and there's no need to protect things. Considering you can solve the problems merely by providing better services, stop worrying about piracy, and just start helping more companies innovate cool additional value.The future cannot be about choosing one over the other—between protecting free speech OR protecting intellectual property—it must be about protecting both There is no "balance" needed here. People pay for Netflix, Spotify and others because they're simply more convenient. I'm sure whichever staffer wrote this line thought it was really clever, but what does it even mean? Just moments before in the speech, Dodd was talking about how the industry was doing great and growing.If you're doing the first thing, you're moving in the right direction.If you're doing the latter, you're throwing money away on the impossible.

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