Knights code of chivalry dating back to the dark ages

Since TyrionÂs meteoric rise to fame, many have whispered of his destiny to lead the High Elves towards a glorious future and perhaps one day to take the Phoenix Crown.If Tyrion hears such gossip, he pays it no heed, for he is unswervingly loyal to Finubar.Introduced in Prince Tyrion is the High Elves greatest living warrior.

Though it is little acknowledged in Naggaroth, the Witch King himself accedes that Teclis is his superior and, since the Battle of Finuval Plain, has taken care not to come into direct conflict with his younger cousin.It is even claimed that Teclis power approaches that of the great Necromancer Nagash, so it is fortunate that he has devoted his life to thwarting the powers of Chaos and death.The twins also differ greatly in their strategic outlook.Our armies are the finest in creation; swift where our foes are lumbering, cultured where they are barbaric.Give no thought to failure, nor defeat  we are the Children of Ulthuan and we shall prevail." world.

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