List of changesets and updating work items

Usually, you can’t immediately switch every project you come in contact with to Git.Sometimes you’re stuck on a project using another VCS, and wish it was Git.part tells Git that this Subversion repository follows the basic branching and tagging conventions.If you name your trunk, branches, or tags differently, you can change these options.

If you look at the last commit, you can see the new If you’re working with other developers, then at some point one of you will push, and then the other one will try to push a change that conflicts.

Because this is so common, you can replace this entire part with $ git branch -a * master remotes/origin/my-calc-branch remotes/origin/tags/2.0.2 remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.1 remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.2 remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.2rc1 remotes/origin/trunk$ git show-ref 556a3e1e7ad1fde0a32823fc7e4d046bcfd86dae refs/heads/master 0fb585761df569eaecd8146c71e58d70147460a2 refs/remotes/origin/my-calc-branch bfd2d79303166789fc73af4046651a4b35c12f0b refs/remotes/origin/tags/2.0.2 285c2b2e36e467dd4d91c8e3c0c0e1750b3fe8ca refs/remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.1 cbda99cb45d9abcb9793db1d4f70ae562a969f1e refs/remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.2 a9f074aa89e826d6f9d30808ce5ae3ffe711feda refs/remotes/origin/tags/release-2.0.2rc1 556a3e1e7ad1fde0a32823fc7e4d046bcfd86dae refs/remotes/origin/trunk$ git show-ref c3dcbe8488c6240392e8a5d7553bbffcb0f94ef0 refs/remotes/origin/master 32ef1d1c7cc8c603ab78416262cc421b80a8c2df refs/remotes/origin/branch-1 75f703a3580a9b81ead89fe1138e6da858c5ba18 refs/remotes/origin/branch-2 23f8588dde934e8f33c263c6d8359b2ae095f863 refs/tags/v0.1.0 7064938bd5e7ef47bfd79a685a62c1e2649e2ce7 refs/tags/v0.2.0 6dcb09b5b57875f334f61aebed695e2e4193db5e refs/tags/v1.0.0 Now that you have a working directory, you can do some work on the project and push your commits back upstream, using Git effectively as an SVN client.

If you edit one of the files and commit it, you have a commit that exists in Git locally that doesn’t exist on the Subversion server: Next, you need to push your change upstream.

We’ll spend the first part of this chapter learning about ways to use Git as a client when the project you’re working on is hosted in a different system.

At some point, you may want to convert your existing project to Git.

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