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You need to properly arrange the words of the sentence that you are going to speak.Laughter is one of the best way to get better at social life.Apple ko logo baata haraayeko syaau ko tukraa Rajesh Dai le khaayekaa rechhan.Asti vuichalo kina aayo vanthaneko ta Rajesh Dai le break dance garera po rechha.Goro jodi ko kaalo bachchaa Ek jodi goro jodi ko kaalo bachchaa janmiechha.

Hilarious jokes in Nepali from diverse categories are compiled in a single post so that the readers with every taste can find these jokes entertaining and engaging.Things to remember while telling jokes Jokes must b short.They must not be overly explained or else audience will lose interest in your jokes. You can find both- clean jokes and non veg Nepali jokes here.Haku: La doctor saab tyo ta ma sadhae khelirakhekae hunchhu ta. Shyam: Ghadi bigre banda hunchha, srimati bigre chaalu hunchha.Few Words from Us Find best jokes in Nepali and get the most out of your leisure time. You can share these jokes with your near and dear ones and create good memories which you can remember forever.

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