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Well call me crazy, but you won't be far from describing my true personality!

So I did this marathon at a time of 5hr 47 minutes and I was proud of myself.

We even sent an email to the customer service department concerning customer care issues, but are awaiting a reply.

The customer service department at Direc TV was helpful with our request for information.

When we finally spoke to a representative, we noticed a discernible language barrier leading us to believe the customer support center was not in the local area.

More importantly, we have a personal connection to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

So I registered for the Okanagan Marathon in October 2016 the same year and completed this marathon at 4hrs 47minutes.

My life was good, my life is even better now…I must say I had it pretty good, I was a young adult working in the automotive and aerospace industry.

I did try to research by reading books, going to multiple doctors for endless number of opinions and all i wanted to hear then was " It can be cured ".

Direc TV is an alternative television and Internet provider.

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