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He wanted to know if the documents he had were worth anything.

Tomasulo, a veteran collector, can’t recall the number of times someone has come in promising a memorable find and, “they pull out Mickey Mouse.” This would be no Mickey Mouse find.

“This is the first time the players tried to do their own thing,” Cohen said.

It was a cold, blustery, March day when the trove walked through the door of the sports memorabilia trade show in White Plains, N. Joe Tomasulo, East Coast consignment director for the Memory Lane memorabilia store, was the lucky guy to have his table close to the entrance.

The elderly couple came in, the man holding an accordion file under an arm.

The Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players would become the forefathers of Curt Flood and the union that would come along generations later and finally defeat the reserve clause bringing free agency to the sport.

Had the Players’ League survived it would have forever changed the professional sports landscape in the U. Among the fascinating items in the auction are construction documents for “Brotherhood Park,” which would later become the Polo Grounds and home of the New York Giants, plus the fledgling league’s constitution, bylaws and articles of agreement.

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