Parenting dating contracts

The young person will have been assessed using the Asset tool and an additional parenting assessment will have been triggered.

That assessment will have identified the need for additional parenting work.

There is no penalty for breaching a Parenting Contract but failure to comply would be a relevant consideration for the YOS in deciding whether to apply for, and a relevant consideration for a court in deciding whether to make, a Parenting Order.

Any breach of the contract must therefore be recorded and acted upon.

Under Section 127 of the Magistrates’ Court Act 1980 a complaint must be made within six months of the criminal or anti-social behaviours concerned.

If that is done a summons may be issued later but not so late as to cause unreasonable delay to the prejudice of the parents.

Legal advice may need to be sought before an application if it is unclear whether there is sufficient evidence.

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This information will be used to inform the content of the Parenting Contract.

The aim is to work in partnership to improve the behaviour of the child or young person.

In negotiating a contract the specific requirements included under Section 25(3)(a) of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003 should specifically address criminal conduct or anti-social behaviour.

The parenting contract is used where a parent is reluctant to engage in a voluntary contact agreement or would benefit from a more formal arrangement.

A parenting contract may also be used where a young person has been referred to the YOS having been identified as someone who is likely to engage in criminal conduct or anti-social behaviour, for example via the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions Panel.

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