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We don't have a Whole Foods here but I know what I'll look for every time I walk into my favourite shops here in Montreal. The only thing I like about the Becel over Earth Balance is the spreadability. I also wish Earth Balance was sold in larger containers like all other margarines. I think I saw a bigger version at the Le Frigo Vert on rue Mackay. Thank you very much for clarifying, I will continue to buy my beloved earth balance!! I'm surprised you don't like the taste, I find it delicious!! So far in Vancouver I've only found it at Whole Foods, but the taste is so much better and definitely worth the effort. I feel like Earth Balance should send samples of their whole line so I can review them all for Midnight Poutine..many butters...Now months later, I am on a strict, 30 days of vegan diet, so I decided to buy some Earth Balance. Even when I revert back to a normal diet, I will continue to buy EB.It may not seem as spreadable, but I don't have any problems putting it on toast or soft bread.

HUMMMM I'll stick with butter thank you very much !

I must say, the taste appealed to me as well, but in a different way. I make efforts to buy products that were not tested on animals, so after reading the above article combined with my next point below, I won't be buying Becel Vegan again. I also try to assess the health effects of the foods I consume.

Earth Balance tends to choose more health-oriented ingredients.

Don't understand Annie's dislike of the flavour unless she has not tried the organic whipped version - it is incredible.

And the ingredients are stellar (organic, non GMO; well Becel??

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