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The session of erotic massage may also be performed by 2 girls in the same time (if you cannot decide between 2 beautiful ladies and choose them together).

In this case we call the session double erotic massage.

Below will explain more about classic erotic massage. In fact, this session consists of following stages: Intro stage You are taken by the chosen girl and walk to one of our dedicated massage rooms.

Details about the truly erotic massage at Noblesse Unic parlor. One session of erotic massage lasts 60 minutes for you together with a masseuse girl of your choice.

For us it’s something that we already call classic erotic massage, for you it may be something new, a great experience, a way to achieve a state of mind that you’ve never experienced before! What is really happening after you ring our door bell?

When the girl feels that you are prepared, you can get to the next stage.

Stage 4 – Erotic massage stimulation – also called lingam massage This stage will take about 5-10 minutes or as long as necessary, while your total session time must not expire. In this stage the girl is stimulating especially your erogenous zones using her hands and her body.

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