Proper dating site etiquette xkcd dating a librarian

For example, if one meets a hang-glider enthusiast but one is afraid of heights, don’t fake an interest in an activity in which one would never take part.

While Internet dating etiquette suggests being honest, one may be too honest.

After all, does online dating differ from traditional dating? Let’s take a look at the top three etiquette questions when it comes to computer courtship.

There are dozens of online dating sites:, Zoosk, Ok Cupid, e Harmony and Plenty of Fish to name a few. Say you’ve been emailing with this guy for about a week and he seems really sweet.

Failure to reply should be taken as a definite negative on the possibility of an Internet date.

Then all of the sudden, his messages become weird and cryptic. Is your silence a way of saying, “I’m not interested anymore”?

Yes, the silent treatment when it comes to online dating is totally acceptable.

When one does set up a meeting plan, arrange to meet the person in a public place, preferably in broad daylight.

If there is anything about the prospective date that makes you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to cancel or rearrange.

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