Roshon fegan and zendaya coleman dating

She is an extremely pretty girl, who is described as generous, funny, smart, friendly, and overachieving.

She values learning and has a perfect attendance record.

" I asked "We are not dating" She said I was confused "What do you mean "we are not dating" I asked "I mean that went you moved from Oakland to Philippines I broke up with you, because I thought you had another girlfriend or something"She said sadly.

Xavier (1 episode)Ricky Nestor (1 episode)D'Artagnan (1 episode)Bryan (1 episode)Harrison(1 episode)Matt Tucker (1 episode)Julio Xasiver (1 episode)Justin Starr (celeb crush)Howie (1 episode) Logan Hunter (3 episodes)Mark (Future Husband) Rocky is school-smart, responsible, driven, adorable sweetie and practical - and she always finds herself being dragged into Ce Ce's plans.

Rocky at first was very scared if this happened and was scared of "big kids", she was unsure of herself and wasn't sure if she should follow her dancing dream or not by auditioning for Shake It Up, Chicago!

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Rocky is a lot more confident, one of the most confident character on the show.

She likes "Pride and Prejudice," but thinks it is about romance.

She is also called a goody two shoes by many of the other characters.

"I know but we can't date no more I have a boyfriend"She said My heart broke into little pieces, I felt betrayed I let go of her face and put my hands on my face. Tears were coming down from my eyes, I really messed up.

"Thank you, Roshon I need to tell you something." She said looking down. I held her face close to mine so our noses were touching,her eyes were beautiful "Im here forever,im not leaving no more"I said still looking at her. "Ok, then I will go back to Philippines." I said (Zendaya POV) "Please dont say that Ro I've missed you,you can't go back." I said holding his arms. " he shouted-whispeared I gently let go of his arm,he wasen't even facing me.

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