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The height was at my chest region, which is roughly 45 inches. I told Bxxxx what I found and he came over to where I was with the camera. One picture has my glove which measured 11 inches long. He also said something that sounded very large was making a ruckus in the area where the chirping sound came from.

My response to him was, “Could it have been an owl?

We shined the light in the area of the knocks, but nothing was seen. Some people we have told have told us some of their stories because they are believers, too. Bxxxx was headed out the door to the local grocery store at 6 PM. The sounds were very crisp sounding as if it were stones or ball bat sounding strikes. 5-10 seconds later I got a howl response from the swamp area. Bxxxx gave a knock with fire pit logs and got a response.

I noted that the wood pile was knocked over into the yard (orchard area). Daylight was dimming and a snowstorm was occurring. Bxxxx was tarping fresh cement by throwing rocks on top of the tarp. pm, dark, cloudy, eerie silence, no wind or animal sounds. We continued to hear them and then we heard a howl in the midst of the coyotes. I gave a howl response and was responded back to with a howl.

I said to my husband I wanted to walk over to where he saw the sight in question and I followed our footprints in the snow. He said I was too far over to the left and not far enough forward. to me it looked like foot prints and knuckle prints. ” And he responded that my coat was clearly army green and what he saw was not black, but a dark color. He has been a Boy Scout Leader and is a weekend warrior camper.

I asked him to watch my hand to get the height as I raise it up and tell me to stop. Sound of a whistle call like Bxxxx uses came from the woods from between us and the patrol horses. The chirps he heard are nothing he has ever heard before.

Something was being thrown and bouncing off its tin roof, like something throwing our black walnuts.

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I was grabbing flashlights and my high-powered rifle and I was going to make my way to the shed.My wife insisted that I drive over to our barn and flash the truck lights toward the smoke house. Of course, I did not see anything, but it is very strange. There was this horrible smell that has been in the area for a few days prior.It is a VERY STRONG smell of wet dog and rotten garbage.My mother-in-law said in a loud voice, "What in the world is that?" And she ran into the sun porch room of the house to get a better look.

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