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The best expert I know who is highly trained in this area is Eva Malanowski, Psy D.

You can learn more about her at her personal Amate website: Amate Institute Boulder This is a Psychodynamic therapeutic process, that does NOT involve touch.

by Johnny (Indiana) For about 6 years now I have been doing something that most people think is abnormal. The thing I am talking about is wanting to and wearing diapers full time and not for medical problems. Some even use the term "DL" or Diaper-Lover for those with this fetish.

I have tried to stop but I have something driving me to keep doing it. For some it has a sexual connection, for others, it is non-sexual.

Now you may be trying to soothe yourself by this old association with that early stage of development.

Many people come to accept this attachment and don't view it as a "disorder" or even a problem.

I have researched into this phenomonen and have asked people who indulge in wearing Nappies/Diapers and plastic pants.

All those spoken to report that they have an intense urges to wear such apparel and even if they fight against those urgesthey may go away for a whild but will come back even stronger one said That they got rid of all the diapers and plastic pants ans a year or so later something traumatic happened and the urges came back even stronger in which he gave into those urges and bought more diapers and plastic pants.

They told me that to make me like the little girls in my class,i had to wear a thick cloth diaper with blousy fitting 'rubberpants' over it and a white tee shirt under my dress.

They found a poofy communion dress and veil in my size and got the lace socks and shoes.

Mom got the cloth diapers in the 26x27 in size and the pink diaper pins and sewed the diapers together to make one diaper out of them.

In conclusion it may be beneficial to find a therapist whe deals with cognitive behaviour therapy or cbt for short and NLT .

Someone said they had hypnotherapy but it did not work.

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