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Maybe my chemistry was off then, or the tester had turned in the clashed with whatever perfume i was already wearing that day, i dunno, but I tried the one i bought and was pleasantly surprised and how much more i like it now.Yes its basic, but its light, sweet and completely innofensive.I teied a sample of the original d&g for her with the red cap and instantly fell madly in love with it. Im not sure how two designers that have the ability to create something so magical ended up bringing out .Im not trying to get too negative, as i say, i do like this one and i think ill wear it in the day time when im just out n about and want something easy to wear or for a situation that calls for something innofensive and conservative.The advertising campaign is shot by Mario Testino in Sicily with famous models Laetitia Casta and Noah Mills.The fragrances are available from July 2012 – as 25, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum for women.

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I know a lot of us are a little tired of the patchouli/praline headache inducing gourmands and the sugar sweet fruity florals that have been done to death so this is a nice refreshing easy to wear scent that can be worn in pretty much any weather. Sometimes a scent doesn’t need to be anything complicated or expensive to be so enjoyable.

Lately i have been trying all kinds of niche, luxury and “journey” scents - but i found this at tj Maxx (after testing it at a different store for double the price too! This scent makes me happy and made me remember high dollar doesn’t mean a fragrance is better. Too much raspberry detract from the creaminess, the perfume has an acrid edge from the raspberry that almost ruins it for me.

The Intense version is much better on my skin, the tuberose (a note I usually dislike) enhancing the creaminess that is soft and rounded without the raspberry.

I have nothing against this fragrance, except it reminds me of my ex-husband (as it was the perfume he bought me).

Unfortunately this fragrance associates with the part of my life that I don't wanna remember.

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