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Even if the main window is minimized you can still see if a statement is running by looking at the window title.You can use variables in your SQL statements that are replaced when the statement is executed.This can be changed in the options dialog, that is accessible from will display the online manual for the current DBMS (if there is one).Where possible the link will display the manual that corresponds to the version of the current connection.Every window in SQL Workbench/J can be resized and will remember its size.So in case not everything is readable on a dialog, just resize the window so that the missing parts become visible, and that size will be kept for the future. The "current" statement will be the text between the next delimiter before the current cursor position and the delimiter after the cursor position. This is automatically the case when you extract the distribution archive with sub-directories.

The language also enforces rules regarding the use of data types, expressions, and literals.If you want to run two statements at the same time, you will need to enable the Separate connection per tab option in your connection profile.In this case SQL Workbench/J will open a physical connection for each SQL tab, so that statements in the different tabs can run concurrently.Example (| indicating the cursor position) statement.If there are multiple SQL statements in the current line, the first statement will be executed.

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