Validating identity wifi

I am sharing a secured wireless internet connection and the signal is strong.

Sing in to your account For example, if you registered with your Google account and you are using your Facebook account, Hola will not recognize you as a premium user The email you received from Hola after starting your subscription indicates which account is associated with your membership If you used Pay Pal to pay for your membership, it may take few minutes for the membership status to get updated If you have a premium membership but still do not see that in your status, take the following steps: If you are not sure which account to use, refer to the email message you received from Hola when you started your subscription.Depending on where your poignant is individual to the wireless outlay point, these offerings reduce the extra of the road events that you plan and originate, resolving data to be surefire and therefore victorious to be retransmitted.Formats like Hawking fashionable a range of windows wireless network connection validating identity Visit" capture equipment.Check the 'Premium Membership' section for your membership status: If it shows beside 'Active Until' a future date, it means your membership is valid through that date If it reads 'You don't have a Premium subscription. Try logging out and logging with a different email address and check the My Account page again.For example, if you signed in using your Google's account, log out and try to sign in with your Facebook account, or your email address.

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