Who is serena vanderwoodsen dating

The events of his political campaign drive Tripp towards an affair with Serena van der Woodsen that does not bode well for his political career. Ambitious and focused, Maureen once told Vanessa that Tripp dreamed of being an archaeologist but his grandfather redirected his attention to politics.

Vanessa sees Tripp's ambitious nature first hand when he convinces her that politics is an inevitable choice for a Vanderbilt and Nate would soon follow his grandfather.

-William 'Tripp' Van Der Bilt III is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl TV series.

He is introduced as Nate Archibald's older "political minded" cousin, who got married in the second season to Maureen Van Der Bilt.

Tripp tries to stay professional with Serena but later events would result n an affair.

Tripp sets out to start an affair with Serena when he discovers that Maureen created the drowning incident that would win him the election.

During a party at the Van Der Bilt compound, Tripp tells Vanessa about Nate's internship at the Mayor's office leaving Vanessa upset that Nate would choose the internship over their backpacking trip across Europe.

Vanessa films the scene and the rescue reaches the morning news.

When William announces Nate's internship during a toast, Tripp witnesses Nate publicly accepting it.

The third season has Tripp running for a congress that recently opened when Nate told Serena that Congressman Krueger had died and Tripp planned to take congressional seat.

When the two fixed their friendship, Serena returns to Tripp's office and Tripp persuades her to stay.

Blair sees the tension between Serena and Tripp and leaves.

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