Who is vicki gunvalson dating now

But for Kelly "girl code" means everything and she is determined for everyone to get along so they can all finally start having fun together.

Close A true rags-to-riches story, Emily is an Ohio transplant who came from nothing and willed herself to great success to become an attorney, a part-time party-planer, a wife and a mom.

While divorce isn't easy, Kelly does find comfort in knowing that her daughter Jolie is navigating the change surprisingly well.

Kelly's friendships are also experiencing a shift because of her divorce as she and Shannon bond over being single and her friendship with Vicki is put to the test when Vicki continues to hang out with Kelly's ex.

As for what fans can expect on the show, the 55-year-old shared, “I'm franchising my business and I have a man that is solid.

Close Fearless and confident, there is never a dull moment around Kelly Dodd.Now focusing on mending the toxic relationships in her life, Emily hopes that she can find true friendships with the ladies.Close This expressive outsider from Long Island is shaking up Southern California and its politically correct Orange County ways.“David wasted no time and has already started dating again and has moved on entirely,” a source shared with E! “He’s been seeing this woman for at least a few weeks now and the word has spread around Newport Beach.” So who is she? And away we go….” David wrote in the comments section.Her name is Lesley, and she recently shared a picture on her public Instagram with David. “#Not Discreet Anymore #Happy Valentines Day.” Lesley added, “@David_Beador Happy Valentine’s Day to the most kind, funny, motivated, loving & [hot] man!

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