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Answer 1: The phone number for Ross Stores is (925) 965-4400. Answer 2: The CEO of Ross Stores is Michael Balmuth. ivan Romero from Dds store in seven st Victorville C.a take all the employees to get drunk after work and during work hours he’s always drunk at work not professional all employees go and get drunk at work with him Policie say not to associate with the employees after hours why are they doing that you guys going to keep eye on that store because it’s a lot of bad activity going on in that store managers and supervisors and leads please help the employees Reply I just think that once in a while you should remind the assistant managers that they should treat us equally.

Part timers should work the hours they should but not because they don’t like u take hours that belong to u and give them to another employer. Sometimes they put me on fitting room theirs not alo t of customers and they tell me to leave and put someone else. They are supposibly managers and they should show us we are a team not enemies. I think that’s rude and unprofessional especially for a manager. I’m talking about my manager Alejandra and Cynthia , Monica.

I really feel that she should not deteremine who should pay what and that prices should be honored.

She offered no apology and never told me to come in.

For 2 years 8 months I was a loyal dedicated employee.

For the first 10 months I was eager to be trained in all store aspects and finally received stock lead supervisor after a try out between myself and 2 others.

Reply To Ross corporate manager I often shop at Ross here in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia and I get so frustrated about the lack of follow up on my complaints about the shopping carts’s wheels that are so stucked tight because of the thick accumulation of lints around them.

I call the manager, Melissa, who was very rude to me.The other cashier was still working with her return. I came back into the store and questioned it and she told me that is what it costed.I really felt like I was being taken advantage off.They are the third largest off-price retailer in the US market.Question 1: What is the phone number for Ross Stores? Tagged as: ross corporate address, ross corporate headquarters, ross corporate office, ross corporate office address, ross corporate office email, ross corporate office fax, ross corporate office phone, ross corporate office phone number, ross dress for less corporate office, ross headquarters, ross home office, ross main office Why?

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