Iphone 4 not updating email weed smokers dating uk

Details: i Phone running i OS 6.1.3 Accessing Hotmail through built in Mail app - account added via Hotmail specific button (have tried MS Exchange option in past with same results) Mail days to sync = no limit, pushing Inbox folder (have tried pushing others with no difference in terms of this problem) Either there is a problem with my account or Hotmail does not actually do proper syncing. If exchange account email push stopped working completely and non-exchange email account continued to push. Also exchange account only update itself when you open the mailbox. Solution:- You had to remove exchange from your i Phone and then add it back.

Verify that you can connect to the Internet on your i Phone by opening a new Web browser window and attempting to visit any website.Verify your Wi-Fi connection and email server settings, and then reset your email account.If these procedures don't fix the problem, reset the network settings and download available software updates from Apple.If you are concerned about battery usage, you may want to limit how often your i Phone checks for new email.By default, the i OS mail app is set to "Push," which means it connects to download new email as soon as any arrives on the server.

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